Daniela, Marco and “Piccolo” Paolo love the sea, fishing, exploring and tranquillity. Fifteen years ago they discovered and fell in love with an idyllic village at the mouth of the River Magra. Here they had found their dream – a hamlet combining a perfect combination of sea, beaches, rivers all set within the rolling hills of the Montemarcello Natural Park.
In fact they loved it so much that, about two years ago, they decided to put down some roots and create their own special place. A place where they, their family and their friends, could come back to. The result of their passion – Villa Porto sul Magra – a spectacular residence nestling in the foot hills of the Monte Marcello Park. Truly, a unique place set in a majestic setting, with enchanting views of the Magra and the Apuan Alps.

At the Villa, Magra’s sunrises and sunsets are equally magnificent: spectacular colours – the deep blue of the river and the turquoise of the sea meet clear skies and emerald green park against the backdrop of the snowy white peaks of the Apuan Alps which make this place even more stunning.

The grounds of the villa include a large well-kept park, for the use of the guests. Arbutus trees, oaks and elms reign supreme and water bubbles up magically from ancient terracotta earns.

Indeed, Villa Porto has been painstakingly and carefully renovated to an exceptionally high quality, which reflects Daniela and Marco’s fine attention to detail – they are after-all, from Milan! The Villa’s six en-suite bed rooms lead to a large breakfast room. And there are many hideaways and cubbyholes for relaxing, both inside and in the grounds. The rooms are immaculately presented and furnished in keeping with the Villa’s style. There are bicycles, barbecues, WIFI (free, of course), fishing rods, and a small area set aside for four-legged friends.

The Villa is located in a heavenly position, strategically well placed: ideal for those who yearn for the tranquillity of a beach holiday and for those who want to explore and launch local excursions. Just minutes away are famed tourist attractions, such as Forte dei Marmi and Sarzana, with their bustling medieval markets, Viareggio, with its opulent carnival and, of course, the fabled Park of the Cinque Terre complete with its Shakespearian “Path of Love”. In just a day trip historical destinations such as Florence, Pisa and Lucca are easily accessible. Or, for those who desire a more off the beaten track experience and want to discover the hidden charms of the area any of the villages high up in the hills are mesmerising and immersed in unspoiled, virgin nature.
Villa Porto sul Magra is a perfect haven for those who enjoy fishing beaches, rivers, the sea, trekking and cycling. But it is also a centre of fine, simple, Italian cuisine. Good restaurants are abundant and serve up Ligurian and Tuscan specialties for locals and visitors alike. Lovers of good wine will know the area for its Vermentino and will need to go no further.
Whatever the reason for your visit: sea, fishing, hiking, nature, cycling, cuisine, wine, the desire to forget, even for just a week-end the hectic life and the wear and tear of everyday life, or like Daniella, Marco and Paolo, all of these – Villa Porto sul Magra is, without doubt, a perfect destination.